Private Jets

Private Jets are the fastest and most efficient way to travel

Travel in your own schedule with maximum privacy.

Nowadays, the competitive business world requires speed and efficiency. Being able to travel in your own schedule, with maximum privacy, make Executive Aviation a valuable resource:

  • Itinerary and flight schedule are controlled by you. The crew is all yours, and will take care of the minutest details of your flight;
  • Provides flexibility and convenience;
  • Private environment to work in;
  • No long “check in” lines and waiting time;
  • Direct access to thousands of airports;
  • Optimizes your time and productivity;
  • Total privacy.

Based on your itinerary and times and places of operation, we will prepare an aircraft proposal, discriminating prices and benefits of each one for your own personal choice. To assist in your decision we will send, attached to the proposal, data of each aircraft. This information gives you the possibility to make the best choice and our staff will be available to answer any questions you may have.

A private aircraft gives you complete control of your schedule and unmatched comfort. Contact us!

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Either it’s a business account or leisure travel, Travelcare will offer you a relaxed and comfortable travel experience!

Phone number

- (cost of a national or international call depending on your plan) +351 223 322 237 237

- (cost of a national or international call depending on your plan)+351 225 084 760 760


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